EcoChallenge 2014

Choose your EcoChallenge(s)

Whether you have decided on your EcoChallenge already, or are just starting to explore your options, visit each of the EcoChallenge categories for more information and ideas on how to successfully approach your EcoChallenge:

The most important thing to remember is to start from where you are today. We are all at different points on our own personal sustainability paths. Choose an EcoChallenge category that appeals to you (and of course if you’re feeling inspired, you can take on multiple EcoChallenges.) Be sure to be realistic, make a plan to achieve your EcoChallenge, and broadcast your participation far and wide. Sharing your EcoChallenge with friends and family is a great way to inspire others and hold yourself accountable. And remember: by taking on the EcoChallenge you’ll be demonstrating the power of working toward a sustainable future!

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