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Legend: [icon: water conservation] water conservation [icon: energy efficiency] energy efficiency [icon: sustainable food options] sustainable food options [icon: alternative transportation] alternative transportation
[icon: trash reduction] trash reduction [icon: trash reduction] civic engagement [icon: trash reduction] choose your own

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Business/Organization/Group Team Name EcoChallengers EcoChallenge(s) Points
Evesham Green Team Evesham Green Team 1 [icon: water conservation] [icon: sustainable food options] [icon: choose your own] [icon: trash reduction] [icon: alternative transportation] [icon: civic engagement] [icon: energy efficiency] 25
Northwest Earth Institute NW Earth Institute Community Team 2 [icon: choose your own] [icon: energy efficiency] [icon: water conservation] [icon: trash reduction] [icon: sustainable food options] [icon: civic engagement] [icon: alternative transportation] 10
OHSU OHSU 1 [icon: trash reduction] [icon: energy efficiency] [icon: alternative transportation] [icon: sustainable food options] [icon: water conservation] 25
Webaissance Webaissance 1 [icon: sustainable food options] [icon: alternative transportation] [icon: trash reduction] [icon: water conservation]
Winchell Clan Winchell Clan 1 [icon: trash reduction] 25

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