EcoChallenge 2016

EcoChallenge Teams

Legend: [icon: water conservation] water conservation [icon: energy efficiency] energy efficiency [icon: sustainable food options] sustainable food options [icon: alternative transportation] alternative transportation
[icon: trash reduction] trash reduction [icon: trash reduction] civic engagement [icon: connect with earth] connect with earth [icon: trash reduction] choose your own

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Business/Organization/Group Team Name EcoChallengers EcoChallenge(s) Points
#CleanEnergyU #CleanEnergyU 3 [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] 45
AASHE Team AASHE 7 [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 465
Abs&Sar; Abs&Sar; 2 [icon: energy] 45
Airbnb Airbnb PDX 20 [icon: civic] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] 705
Alston & Bird LLP: 2 teams
Apex Farmers Market And Local Food Alliance Apex Farmers Market And Local Food Alliance 11 [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 670
Arkansas Earth Institute Arkansas Earth Institute 1 [icon: choose] 25
Arpin Group Arpin Group 22 [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] 1160
Bangor High School Storm Water 1 [icon: choose] 45
Bank Of America: 2 teams
Beautiful Future Beautiful Future 4 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] 145
Beaverton School District Small Change 1 [icon: choose] 25
Beneficial State Bank & Foundation Beneficial State 41 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: food] 2280
Better Bugg The Planet Better Bugg The Planet 5 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: water] 455
Beveridge & Diamond P.C.: 6 teams
BiOh BiOh 16 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] 1390
Blank Rome LLP Blank Rome LLP 20 [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] 835
Blue Chip ECO Blue Chip 1 [icon: energy] 25
Bonneville Power Administration BPA EcoChallengers 18 [icon: choose] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: connect] 740
BPA DKC 3 [icon: water] 195
Bureau Of Development Services - City Of Portland BDS Eco-team 8 [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] 280
Cadeo Group Cadeo Portland 2 [icon: connect] [icon: food] 105
Cascade Energy Cascade Energy 1 [icon: trash] 25
Cascadia College: 5 teams
Cedar Valley College Cedar Valley College 1 [icon: food] 60
Center For Diversity And The Environment EPOC PDX 12 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: civic] 950
Chemeketa Community College Chemeketa Community College Green Team 25 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: civic] 1500
ChicoBag ChicoBag 11 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: food] 640
Christ Presbyterian Church Emerging Christian Community Christ Presbyterian Church 5 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: water] 280
Christ The King Christ The King 9 [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: food] 330
Citizens' Climate Lobby - Portland Chapter Portland CCL 7 [icon: choose] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: civic] 565
City Of Gresham Green Gresham Employees 28 [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 1125
City Of Gresham Recycling And Solid Waste Team Gresham Recycle Warriors 2 [icon: water] [icon: civic] 125
City Of Iowa City ECO Iowa City 3 [icon: trash] [icon: choose] [icon: food] 250
City Of Lake Oswego: 2 teams
CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc CKE Stars 60 [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: choose] 3255
Clan Barnes Clan Barnes 2 [icon: food] [icon: energy] 60
ClarkDentonFryerMolinaJopling ClarkDentonFryerMolinaJopling 1 [icon: trash] 25
Clinton 68 Clinton 68 1 [icon: connect] 45
Columbia Sportswear Columbia Sportswear 205 [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: civic] [icon: choose] 6485
Columbia Sportswear Company Sri Lanka LO Merchandising Team 7 [icon: choose] 105
Columbia Springs Columbia Springs 5 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] 255
Connect The Drops Connect The Drops 4 [icon: water] 85
Cowspiracy Vegan Challenge Cowspiracy Vegan Challenge 4 [icon: food] [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] 305
Create Plenty Zero Waste Leadership Project 7 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] 395
Davis Wright Tremaine Davis Wright Tremaine 2 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] 70
DC ECO DC ECO 1 [icon: water] 35
Delran Middle School DMS Green Team 27 [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] 2015
Demetria Rose Demetria Rose 1 [icon: water] 65
Dept Of Veterans Affairs VA Portland Health Care System 14 [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] 795
DHM Research DHM Research 9 [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] 505
EC Company EC Company 42 [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] 2555
Eco Advocates Eco Advocates 2 [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 35
ECOS Brockport_ECOS 1 [icon: energy] 60
Ecova: 3 teams
EdenAcres EdenAcres 2 [icon: choose] 70
Energy 350 Energy 350 9 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] 360
Energy Audit Energy Audit 1 [icon: energy] 25
Energy Trust Of Oregon Energy Trust Of Oregon 22 [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: civic] [icon: connect] [icon: water] 910
ENST 290 - WU ENST 290 - WU 8 [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] 230
Evesham Green Team Evesham Green Team 9 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: food] 615
Farley Center For Peace, Justice And Sustainability Farley Center 5 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 160
First Parish Church UU Duxbury MA First Parish Church UU Duxbury MA 1 [icon: trash] 50
FOMS Science FOMS Science 5 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] 215
Fortis Construction Fortis Construction 79 [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] [icon: civic] 18555
Fox Island United Church Of Christ FIUCC Greeners 9 [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: water] 515
Freddy 2EW Freddy 2EW 1 [icon: water] 35
Free Rangers Free Rangers 1 [icon: connect] 55
Friends For The Earth Friends For The Earth 11 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] 465
Friends Of The Columbia Gorge Friends Of The Columbia Gorge 2 [icon: trash] [icon: choose] 140
Gardens For Good Gardens For Good 1 [icon: choose] 60
GBD Architects GBD Green Team 47 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] 2820
George Fox University George Fox University LACI Class 14 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] 655
Gerding Edlen GED LEEDers 16 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] 570
GFWC Northboro Junior Woman's Club Northboro Juniors Of Massachusetts 12 [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: water] 935
GingerBrand,Inc. GingerBrand 5 [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: trash] 220
GladRags Team Menstruation Sensation 3 [icon: trash] 205
GO Box — Doing Away With Throw Away GO Box 4 [icon: trash] 120
Granny Smith Granny Smith 4 [icon: water] 165
Grant High School Environmental Club The Green Gurus 9 [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] 540
Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network GPSEN 10 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 1385
Green Parenting EcoChallenge Green Parenting EcoChallenge 8 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] 295
Greenville College: 2 teams
Groner Elementary- K-8 Mrs. Blasen's Kids 1 [icon: trash] 25
H20 H20 4 [icon: water] 70
Hennebery Eddy Architects Hennebery Eddy Architects 89 [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] 17660
Hillsboro School District Farmington View 1 [icon: trash] 70
Hollins University: 2 teams
Housing Authority Of The City Of San Buenaventura EAST VENTURA STAFF 1 [icon: water] 25
Hutchens 4 Hutchens 4 1 [icon: energy] 25
Hutches 2W Hutchens 2W 1 [icon: water] 30
In The Middle In The Middle 4 [icon: choose] [icon: water] [icon: trash] 220
Indigo Sapphires Indigo Sapphires 10 [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] 250
Integral Consulting Inc. The Integers 10 [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] 320
Intel Corporation: 4 teams
Interface Engineering Interface Engineering 1 [icon: food] 100
Interfaith Community For The Earth Central Wisconsin ICE 4 [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] 520
Jones Chicago. Gerding Edlen/Greystar Jones Chicago 3 [icon: food] [icon: water] 70
KEEN Inc.: 5 teams
La Crosse Alpha Phi La Crosse Alpha Phi 4 [icon: trash] 115
Lane Community College Lane Community College 11 [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: civic] [icon: water] [icon: choose] 535
Law Firm Sustainability Network Law Firm Sustainability Network 1 [icon: choose] 50
Lewis-Clark State College LCSC EcoChallenge Team 24 [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] 1680
Lisa, Katie And Lacy The Sarlacc Pit 2 [icon: trash] 435
Litter Bugs Litter Bugs 3 [icon: choose] 130
Madisonville Community College MCC Garbologists 8 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: civic] 225
Marylhurst University: 2 teams
Mason Green Patriots Mason Green Patriots 1 [icon: transportation] 80
Mason Middle School Mason Middle School Science 116 [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] 2935
Mazzetti Portland Mazzetti Portland 1 [icon: water] 50
Metatron Metatron Group 1 [icon: food] 35
Method Products, PBC People Against Dirty 12 [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: water] 370
MetLife MetLife Sustainability Team 3 [icon: trash] [icon: water] 175
Metro Metro 32 [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: food] 2305
Metropolitan Group MGsustains 20 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 960
Michelle Michelle 1 [icon: energy] 25
Michigan State University USGBC MSU Students 10 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: trash] 525
Midway Hills Christian Church Recycling Disciples 4 [icon: trash] [icon: water] 80
Mindful Money Works Mindful Abundance Spokane 1 [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 60
Missouri State University: 18 teams
MIT D-Lab D-Lab 3 [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] 130
Moda Health: 2 teams
Montclair State University Environmental Club (NJ) MSU EcoAction 14 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: connect] 800
Morristown Unitarian Fellowship And GSEI The GEMs 5 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 305
Mosaic Family Of Companies Mosaic Family Of Companies 1 [icon: trash] 50
Multnomah County Multnomah County 48 [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] [icon: civic] 1705
My Own Team My Own Team 5 [icon: food] [icon: civic] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] 70
New Buildings Institute New Buildings Institute 7 [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: trash] 175
NJDEP / VSAGE EcoLogicals 18 [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: food] 2915
No Trash Life No Trash Life 4 [icon: trash] [icon: water] 220
Nope Nope 2 [icon: food] 205
Northern Michigan University : 2 teams
Northwest Earth Institute NW Earth Institute Community Team 189 [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] [icon: civic] 8055
Nova Southeastern University Green Sharks 2 [icon: water] 80
NW Natural : 2 teams
Ohio Energy Project Ohio Energy Project 6 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] 265
OHSU OHSU 29 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: food] 1815
OHSU Foundation OHSU Foundation 29 [icon: choose] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] 1345
Oil Country Engineering - OCE Green OCE Green 3 [icon: choose] 55
Oregon Environmental Council O.E.C-render Now, Fools! 19 [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: civic] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 2485
Oregon Eye Specialists Team OES 8 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: water] 515
Oregon Zoo ZooTeens 6 [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: food] 215
Otakians Otak Inc 18 [icon: choose] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] 1010
OZ Architecture OZ Architecture 17 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] 1320
Pacific Continental Bank PCB 104 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] 5620
PacifiCorp ECO LCT 44 [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] 4160
PAE PAE RENEW 5 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 185
Palomar Health Palomar Health Green Team 8 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: connect] 485
Parkrose Heights Association Of Neighbors Team PHAN 1 [icon: trash] 85
PCC - RC BATCPL Division: 2 teams
Peaceful Media Inc. Team Peaceful Media 8 [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: water] 365
Perkins & Co PCOEco 21 [icon: food] [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] 1205
PHC PHC 12 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: food] 715
Pickle Bricolage Pickle Bricolage 13 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: food] 410
Pinchot University, Cohort 14 Love Slugs 8 [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] 300
Planting Seeds Planting Seeds 1 [icon: trash] 30
Port Of Portland Waste Minimization Team Less Waste PDX 4 [icon: trash] 150
Portland Community College: 7 teams
Portland Eco Champions Portland Eco Champions 2 [icon: trash] 35
Portland General Electric Portland General Electric 78 [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: choose] 5190
Portland Public Schools / Madison High School MadECO 21 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] 1335
Portland State University Portland State University Staff Green Teams 2 [icon: food] [icon: civic] [icon: transportation] 45
Project Greenification Project Greenification 1 [icon: trash] 75
Propeller Propeller 10 [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: water] 525
RCE Greater Nairobi RCE Greater Nairobi 2 [icon: trash] [icon: water] 35
Redbud Suds Soap Co. Team Redbud 13 [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: food] 1015
Reese's Pieces Reese's Pieces 1 [icon: food] 15
Regional Centres Of Expertise (RCE) On ESD Regional Centres Of Expertise (RCE) On ESD 33 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: civic] [icon: water] [icon: choose] 5295
Renew Oregon ReNew Kids On The Block 20 [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: civic] 1840
Research Into Action Research Into Action 5 [icon: choose] [icon: water] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] 145
Resonate Church Reso-nation 5 [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: water] 95
Riverdale: 2 teams
Riverdale High School Riverdale Environmental Awareness
Ronald McDonald House Ronald McDonald House 3 [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] 245
Ronald McDonald House Of Oregon And SW Washington Ronald McDonald House Of Oregon And SW Washington 9 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] 525
Rotary Club Of Portland Rotary For Planet Earth 19 [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] [icon: civic] 780
Ruby Receptionists Ruby Receptionists 13 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 560
Ruralpool Ruralpool 8 [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 505
Salesforce Earthforce 34 [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] 1525
Sam And Dessie Crew Sam And Dessie Crew 1 [icon: choose] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: civic] [icon: trash] 50
Savage Savers Of The World Savage Savers Of The World 2 [icon: energy] 85
Saving Power Rangers Saving Power Rangers 2 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] 45
Seattle College District: 3 teams
Seattle Colleges District Instruction Team 1 [icon: transportation] 25
Second Presbyterian Environmental Stewardship Second Presbyterian Earth Care Congregation 2 [icon: transportation] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 70
Sicki Vaunders Sicki Vaunders 1 [icon: food] 30
Simply Living Simply Living 19 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: civic] 885
SmithCFI SmithCFI 26 [icon: food] [icon: choose] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 1895
SMU OIKOS 22 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 735
Soapy Gnome Team Soapy 3 [icon: connect] [icon: water] 105
Social Enterprises, Inc GoGreen Team 5 [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 180
Sol Henry Sol Henry 1 [icon: water] 25
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: 2 teams
St. Michael And All Angels Episcopal Church The Dragon Slayers 8 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] 1720
Starbucks SBUX Partner's For Sustainability 24 [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] 855
Stoel Rives LLP Stoel Rives LLP GO Green Team 3 [icon: energy] [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] 120
Students Of Chemeketa Students Of Sustainablity 4 [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: trash] 100
Suchernova Farm Suchernova Farm 1 [icon: water] 50
Summer And Friends Summer Snow Goes Green! 5 [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: food] 280
Susquehanna University Susquehanna Tree Huggers 30 [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: food] 1335
Sussman Shank, LLP Sussman Shank 15 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: choose] 805
Sustain Dane Sustain Dane 3 [icon: civic] [icon: trash] [icon: food] 150
Sustainability At Work Sustainability At Work 8 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] 570
Sustainability Institute At The College Of New Jersey Sustainable Jersey 13 [icon: civic] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] 585
Sustainability Network HP Vancouver 10 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: connect] 355
Sustainable Ballard Sustainable Ballard 14 [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: connect] 770
Sustainable Haddon Township Team HT 3 [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: trash] 150
Sustainable Kapi'olani Community College Sustainable Kapi'olani Community College 23 [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] 655
Sustainable Spartans MSU Sustainable Spartans 13 [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] 490
SustainableU SustainableU 1 [icon: choose] 50
Taylor University Taylor University Sustainability 3 [icon: trash] [icon: food] [icon: water] 115
Team Awesome Team Awesome 2 [icon: connect] [icon: water] 240
Team Baby BabyCakes 1 [icon: transportation] 50
Team Bassett Team Bassett 2 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: water] 190
Team NPG Team NPG 1 [icon: choose] 25
Team Tupperporter Team Tupperporter 1 [icon: trash] 25
Team03 Team03 1 [icon: water] 10
Team06 Team06
Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Lutherans Restoring Creation 1 [icon: connect] 50
The Climate Trust The Climate Trust 11 [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: choose] 1000
The Doers The Doers 4 [icon: trash] 100
The E Team The E Team 1 [icon: trash] 55
The Green Calendars The Green Calendars 1 [icon: choose] 50
The Joinery The Joinery 28 [icon: choose] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] 2010
The Next Door The Next Door 4 [icon: transportation] [icon: food] 105
The Standard The Standard 14 [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] 895
The University Of Zambia Lusaka Regional Centre Of Expertise 1 [icon: choose] 35
UL UL Camas EcoChallenge Team 2 [icon: water] [icon: food] 95
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of San Dieguito UUFSD 11 [icon: choose] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: connect] 570
University At Albany UAlbany Green Scene 2 [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: food] 85
University Of Connecticut Avery Point Avery Point EcoHusky 5 [icon: civic] [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] 170
University Of Minnesota Duluth Office OfSustainability UMD Sustainability Team 6 [icon: trash] [icon: connect] [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] 175
University Of Portland UP EcoChallengers 32 [icon: water] [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] 1480
University Of Portland MBA Class UP 508 22 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: choose] 1610
University Of Wisconsin- La Crosse University Of Wisconsin- La Crosse 34 [icon: food] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: trash] [icon: transportation] [icon: civic] [icon: connect] 2000
UUCV Green Team UUCV Green Team 1 [icon: choose] 25
Viterbo University Sustainability Club Viterbo University Sustainability Club 2 [icon: energy] [icon: water] 115
Volunteers Of America- Oregon Volunteers Of America Oregon 2 [icon: energy] 60
Vose Elementary School Vose Verdes 6 [icon: food] [icon: connect] [icon: water] [icon: choose] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 215
Wash U ENST Senior Seminar 2 [icon: transportation] [icon: food] 50
Washington County Washington County EcoChallengers 49 [icon: food] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: trash] [icon: civic] 2795
Waste Connections Inc./MCR Waste Connections Warriors/Master Composter Recyclers 7 [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: transportation] 550
Waste Management Waste Management 9 [icon: water] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] 505
Webaissance Webaissance 6 [icon: connect] [icon: energy] [icon: transportation] [icon: trash] [icon: food] 467
Wells House Follow Your Passion 4EM Wells House Follow Your Passion 4EM 2 [icon: energy] [icon: trash] 35
Westerville North Krusty Krab Pizza 1 [icon: water] 30
Westerville North High School Water Those 6 [icon: water] 160
Westerville North High School APES Green Teens 5 [icon: connect] 325
Westerville North High School Science Department Da Flock 4 [icon: trash] 130
Westerville South High School Dub-South 100 [icon: connect] [icon: trash] [icon: water] [icon: energy] [icon: food] [icon: civic] [icon: transportation] [icon: choose] 3385
Wilderness Drive Wilderness Drive 2 [icon: connect] [icon: water] 70
Willamette University Willamette University - Team Interdependence 33 [icon: civic] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: transportation] [icon: water] [icon: food] 1435
Willamette View WVI Eco-Warriors 11 [icon: food] [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: connect] [icon: water] 505
Woodward Green Team Woodward Green Team 32 [icon: trash] [icon: energy] [icon: water] [icon: connect] [icon: food] 960
Wylie Wylie 1 [icon: water] 45

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